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3dcart is a software company based in South Florida that was created with the intention of providing typical users with an e-commerce website builder that has the same tools available to larger online stores and businesses. With over 18 years of experience serving more than 17,000 customers, the company is known for being results oriented, reliable, customer focused, responsive.


We signed up for a 3dcart account to assess the platform and compare it to the many other options available in the crowded e-commerce builder field. Here’s what we thought

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Our First Impressions

3dcart first impressions review

Signing up for 3dcart requires entering slightly more information than you would for a typical website builder since it is an e-commerce platform, but no credit card is required initially. This is because new users are given a 15-day assessment period in which to create a site and learn the software.

After completing signup, you will be taken to the dashboard. This is your main landing page from which you will make all site changes. We began by selecting a theme from one of the over 100 templates. We found the themes to be modern and varied. There are both free and premium options, the latter of which will set you back $199 each.

There dashboard features tutorial videos that explain the system and give you a starting point from which to begin exploring and building your online shop.

The Functionality

3dcart dashboard review

The website builder does not use drag-and-drop design, rather a quick editor in which you can only edit pre-set options. This is sufficient for creating a functional web store, but we prefer the more easily customizable platform offered by other sites like Wix. Once you choose your template and finish designing your site, you can refer to the dashboard for everything else you need to do to manage your store.

There are tabs for Orders, Products, Customers, Marketing, and Content. These category breakdowns make it simple to make changes related to the day-to-day of your business. The marketing section, for example, provides users with a checklist of everything they can do to begin getting the word out about their online business. It’s an extremely comprehensive list and we were impressed by how thoroughly it was thought out.

Part of any good marketing plan is content creation and the content section provides users with the option of writing blogs within a proprietary content management system built into the 3dcart software. We found it to be adequate although it is not the nicest looking system we have used.

3dcart has a very strong reports section which provides users with everything from statistics about customers and inventory to products and sales. There are some more advanced reporting features absent from the software, but overall it is an excellent analytical suite that the average user will find extremely useful.

The Issues That We Came Across

3dcart website builders review

When using the system we kept getting pop-up messages asking if we needed help from an AI assistant. We tend to dislike this kind of feature and prefer a more “ask us if you need anything” attitude when it comes to assistance. Additionally, when we actually responded in the chat, we did not receive a response and the system told us that the customer assistant was last active one week ago!

Although we did not go over our bandwidth, users will probably be annoyed to learn that they will be charged an addition $5 for every GB of data they use over of the limit as dictated by their account terms and conditions. This tactic seems outdated and a pretty poor way of sucking more money out of successful businesses.

Our Final Opinion

We recommend 3dcart for its ease of use, good free template selection, and its excellent e-commerce management capabilities. It is a breeze to learn, and despite using a more basic builder tool, you will be able to create an outstanding online store using the platform. If you want to know how it compares to other e-commerce builder tools, check out our comparison guide.

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