10 Best Font Resources

best font resources

Choosing a font for your website is not an easy task. There are endless options and you really want your homepage to look awesome. There are important things to consider like page loading time and compatibility of the font to your content while building your website.
So without further ado, here are the 10 best font resources (in our opinion of course):


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Here you have about 32,000 different fonts to choose from!

They are conveniently categorized, to help you find exactly the font you’re looking for.

The fonts are available in both OpenType and TrueType and are labeled so you know whether the font can be used for commercial or not.



best font resources


On this website you there’s a fine selection of over 9,000 free fonts from 400 different designers. There’s a font search if you’re looking for a specific font or you can browse and look for a font you need.
The fonts are sorted alphabetically and are easy to download, most for both PC and Mac.



best font resources



At the Creative Market, you can find 14,000 fonts (as well as other things like photos, graphics, themes and templates). They offer free goods every week, which includes a free font. The designs change from week to week and they’re only available for a limited period of time, so you have the chance of building up a diverse and creative font library.



best font resources


On this website, you don’t have to worry about finding the font of your dreams and then not being able to use it for your website because it’s free for personal use only. Font Squirrel is a resource of hundreds of free fonts that are all licensed for commercial use, so you know that any font you choose here is usable.
The fonts are organized by different categories, which makes it easy to navigate between the fonts you’re looking for.



best font resources



Another great resource of fonts you can use for commercial projects is Google Fonts.
There are over 600 fonts to choose from, and they are all open source. You can either download them or get the codes they provide to just copy them directly to your website. You can sort fonts by popularity or by different categories. There’s also a very useful option to compare between a few fonts and see which one fits best.



best font resources



Adobe’s Typekit offers hundreds of professional fonts that will make your website look great. You just add a line of code and you’re done. If you want to use Typekit, you’ll have to subscribe and pay a minimum of $49.99 per year, or through your Creative Cloud account if you’re a member.



best font resources



What’s so good about Webtype is their font swapping tool. You can preview how your website will look like with different fonts from this site.
This premium option offers different kinds of memberships starting from 20$ per year or you can register for a free trial to test fonts for one month.



best font resources


With Typecast you have 90,000 fonts to choose from, and you can check how one font looks compared to another. You can personalize your choice with decorative effects and focus on the finer points.
You can actually design a working prototype and Typecast will create the CSS you can them use on your website.



best font resources


So you’ve seen an amazing font that’s just perfect for you, but you have no idea how to find it? WhatTheFont is the answer. You just have to upload an image that uses it, or the URL of the image, and this site will try to identify which one it is.



best font resources


This site offers combinations of fonts that work well together so you don’t have to think too much about matching different fonts for your website. There are over 600 bundles of fonts to choose from and you can download the CSS straight from the site. If you want to create a combination of your choice, you can create your own font stack from a selection of free fonts.



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