Icon Sets Every Webmaster Should Use

icon set every webmaster should use

First of all, let’s start with why should we even use an icon?

In this day and age, icons are already replacing words in many cases. They’re becoming much more personalized and specific, so that other it’s easier to understand what we mean exactly and there are no misinterpretations.

In addition, it’s already prooven that our brain understands images straight away, but words, on the other hand, need to be processed over a longer period of time.

That’s the reason why we’ve decided to equip you with some of the top free icon sets that every webmaster should use.

As icons are meant to grab the user’s attention, we carefully chose the sets that look the best for your website!

More tips on how to build an awesome homepage here.


48 Flat Designer Icons

This icon set is great if you’re into minimalism like we are. There are 48 icons for social, office and travel use and you can get them in PNG or AI formats.

icon set



Free Furry Cushions Social Icon Set

These 6 furry social media icons are free to use with no restrictions. if you’re looking for a cool and unique icon, these are perfect and definitely grab your attention.

icon set



Social Media

A beautifully designed social media set. The icons are hexagon shaped that make your website look stylish and modern with nice vibrant colours.

icon set


30 Hand-Drawn PSD Icons

An original set of 30 hand drawn icons that give your site that personal touch. They’re isolated on a transparent background and also, they’re ready to use immediately!

icon set



Web Browsers Icons

A handy set of 9 different web browsers icons that are totally free for commercial use.

icon set



Payment Method Icons

If you have an E-commerce site then this 3D set will look awesome on it. It consists of credit cards and in additon, a paypal and google shop icons that fit any site.

icon set



Document Icons

A great set of nice and clean 18 document icons.

icon set



Must have

This set consists of 59 useful icons that serve all the basic purposes for your website.

icon set



Social Media Networks and Web Services – Hand-Drawn Icon set

Another very neat hand-drawn set that covers all social media networks and web services, as well as common blogging themes.

icon set



EMOJI Icon set

A collection of 14 emoji icons that you should add to your collection so that you can portray some emotions online.

icon set



Finally, we hope you find this article useful for your website.

Yet, if your website isn’t complete, and you’re looking for some interesting fonts to go with these icons, we’ve listed for you some of the best font resources here.


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