Wix vs. Websitebuilder.com

Websites have become an important aspect of today’s businesses. They have created a need to design strong websites that will help you save a considerable amount money and time. Wix and websitebuilder.com have distinct features, which ensure easy access and fast running of a small business. I will make it easy for you to distinguish a suitable choice for your business either small or big. But you would probably choose just one for your next website so which is of the two is a better website builder, Wix or Websitebuilder.com?

Let’s compare both services based on the following 6 metrics:

  1. Variety of templates
  2. Ease of use
  3. E-commerce capabilities and functionality
  4. Features & highlights
  5. Mobile responsiveness and compatibility
  6. Support & documentation


For some time, Wix has dominated the top of the website builder lot and continues to provide website solutions for people with designing skills, web hosting, business email, domain name registration, web marketing, and e-commerce services. Nowadays, any site built using Wix is the one that stands out and looks better. Compared to websitebuilder.com, Wix templates are better, as is the support, and the features offered allow any type of website to flourish beautifully. Winner: Wix.com

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease in navigation Wix wins since anyone at any skill level can build a fully functional website; even first-time small business owners just beginning to understand the world of websites. This is evident because of its flexibility and the fact that it offers the drag and drop tool which is a lot easier and fun to use for everyone especially to first-time users since there is no coding required. Interesting enough, creating and managing of websites have been made easier by Wix. Even better, these can be done from any device which includes iPhone, iPod, and any Android apps.  Websitebuilder.com is a little bit complicated since its emphasis on custom-built site but also designed to increase your website traffic and an easy to use point. Undoubtedly, Wix advertising depicts an appealing and attractive brand, therefore, making them our pro and winner: Wix


Websitebuilder.com has proven to be a top-notch builder that scores highly with customers. It provides quick website solutions to small businesses in ensuring fast and easy to design websites, selling online and most importantly keeping in touch with customers and prospects where owners do not have a design or technical expertise. On the flipside, Wix needs some upgrade to offer the best e-commerce solution. Not the best part yet, Websitebuilder.com have helped over five hundred thousand individuals on their way to establishing responsive and functional websites, putting confidence at the forefront of what they do. Winner: Websitebuilder.com


Both Wix and Websitebuilder.com work in different ways. They both offer custom domain, hosting, social features, analytics, and forms of SEO tools. Wix has a rich platform, unlike Websitebuilder.com. It also has an app center, blogging site, hosting and customizable themes and templates. These enable Wix to help a business owner integrate with third party services. These platforms include e-commerce, a comprehensive site editor and mobile apps. Nevertheless, that does not render websitebuilder.com useless since it has a powerful tool that includes a variety of powerful features to help you drive qualified website traffic. Winner: Wix (probably the fastest way to create an eye-catching website)

Mobile Responsive

This app helps you monitor a mobile phone while using it. Wix ensures smooth functioning and quick response to a touch of the mobile device by offering fully responsive mobile responsive themes that look great. On the flipside, websitebuilder.com is quite the opposite of Wix since it has no dedicated mobile themes rather having themes that will adjust devices that can be cumbersome and time-consuming. It can also make you incur some unwanted costs making it seem expensive. Winner: Wix

Customer Support

Support page, live chat, email and dedicated phone support for the business plan is what every business need to ensure a long-term survival of the business that is offered by Websitebuilder.com. This is one on one chat mostly to offer support and guidance to customers to ensure a good image of the business is portrayed. Moreover, they offer a better deal, which is a personalized website coach that is very healthy for your business. This makes your business strong by identifying its weaknesses and its strongest points.  Winner: Wix

Bottom Line

Wix can make your business stand out with its great website design skills, which makes it a preferred choice in the market. However, both Wix and Websitebuilder.com are very important aspects of our businesses since they offer quality services and top-notch websites. When it comes to secure deliveries, reliable web, and increased website traffic, Wix offers all that. Here you can sell online, accept credit card payments (pay pals) and much more. It is also important to manage orders by getting real-time stats, process orders and send receipts with Wix. Winner: Wix

The following are a few things you should always look for in a website builder: Do they provide a free domain? Make sure they offer a free domain name with your site builder package. Is web-hosting included? This step of the process is very crucial, so ensure that the builder that you select is hosted. Are email addresses included?  Ensure that your chosen builder package includes email addresses to help increase sales and the overall professionalism. Do they provide around the clock support? This will ensure the process of creating your website is smooth all the way since you will be getting all the help you need. Are there easy and comprehensive tutorials for you to follow in case you get stuck when building your website?


So which one should you choose: Wix or Websitebuilder.com?  These two website builders are great choices; they wouldn’t be the editors’ choice if they were not worth it. Evidently, Websitebuilder.com allows you to stretch your site and yourself to publish a beautiful site. On the other hand, Wix is an exceptional and reliable site builder with millions of users in their community, standing as testimony to the tested and tried success of Wix websites.

Both sites will make sure your website is created and published before you know it.  So, the main variable here is all about who you are, what the requirements of your site are, and what kind of site you need to build.

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