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Wix is one of the most popular website builder tools available. With state of the art programming tools, the software can get your website up and running within a few hours. Known for its ease of use, Wix can build anything from blogs to eCommerce sites and everything in between. This is all thanks to a drag and drop website builder platform that revolutionized the market. Wix now even has an AI option that can build a website for you with minimal input.

How does the software stack up to the competition? Is the AI as revolutionary as it sounds? We took a closer look at Wix to learn more.

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Our First Impressions

Wix Website Builder Review


Wix’s homepage presents a clean design that clearly serves one purpose: to get users to sign up. Featuring the bold phrase “It All Starts with Your Stunning Website,” Wix clearly practices what they preach with a website that is clean, yet informative and simple yet functional. As far as first impressions go, Wix is doing a good job bringing their brand message across.

Clicking the Start Now button brings you to a signup page. Unlike some other website builders, you need to provide Wix with your email and a password to join the service. You can also sign in with Facebook or Google, which no doubt provides them with further personal details.

After signing up you can specify the kind of website you want to create. There are categories for blogs, store, photography, accommodation, events, music, and more. Each of these options will lead you to a specific template selection, but only once you specify how you want to edit your site. You can choose from either the Wix editor or an “artificial intelligence” ADI option.

The Functionality

Wix drag & drop editor in action

Of the two website building options, we opted for ADI. Wix is the only website builder to offer this kind of functionality, and we felt it might be worthwhile to assess whether this is worth your time or whether it’s merely a gimmick.

To begin, you will be asked what the purpose of your site will be. We chose a fairly random topic, “Book Reviews,” and were surprised to see it on the list. We were then asked if we needed the site to be able to make eCommerce sales, make appointments, or get subscribers.  We decided to try all three.

From there we entered a few more details about our site and the ADI took over. After a few seconds, our site was ready and we were led to an area where we could change our website design, colors, fonts, animations, sections, content, and more. Unlike the website builder, the ADI can do most things for you.

This can either be frustrating or helpful, depending on how integral you want to be in the website building process. We found it too aggressively helpful and opted for the standard website builder.

Wix’s website builder offers an easy to learn and an even easier to use interface. Users can change every element of their site with ease and even add new elements using the Wix app market. All of the tools you may need can be accessed on the left sidebar and anything you might need to edit those tools is presented in a right sidebar. Once you learn how to use these tools, you should fly through your website construction.

The Themes

4 Different Wix Templates

Wix has a long list of themes that look great across the board. This is one of their strongest features and is probably a big part of what makes them so popular. One thing that struck us was just how many niche themes they have. Whether you want a website for your pet hotel, a forum for car mechanics, or a website advertising your home movie night, Wix will more than likely have a theme that seems to cater to your exact needs.

With constant additions and updates, there should always be something that catches your fancy. Not only do Wix’s templates look great, they use the latest internet trends and technologies as their basis. Their newest themes use HTML5 to create amazing animations, parallax scrolling, and video backgrounds.

The Issues That We Came Across

Wix ADI was frustrating. While some users might like their web page being built for them, we did not enjoy having to sit back while the software made changes that we did not necessarily want. Additionally, their website builder is so easy to use that its a shame that Wix seems to be promoting the ADI more than their bread-and-butter product. 

Apart from our ADI frustrations, Wix makes changing templates impossible on their website builder platform. The artificial intelligence platform did offer template changing, however. We found it odd that Wix would dedicate so many resources to ADI instead of improving and adding further functionality to its website editor.

Finally, free sites are forced to advertise the Wix platform not only with a Wix domain name, but also with advertisements for the platform on your site. While this is not unusual, it is slightly more obtrusive than other website builders we have used. Still, if you are measuring what you get vs. what you “pay,” the difference is great.

Our Final Opinion

Don’t get us wrong. We think Wix is an almost unbeatable platform. Because it is such an excellent platform, we want to be able to know that it will remain that way. We think ADI will be helpful to new users, but we question Wix’s desire to remove the user from the equation.

Overall, if you are looking for an attractive, easy to use site builder with a whole host of free features then Wix would be an ideal starting point. The hundreds of free and premium templates enhance the look of any site in development, and upgrading to the paid package (while removing all mentions of Wix from the URL and pages) will open up a host of new functions for enjoyment.

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